Thursday, January 16, 2014

A poor man's lesson plan to Data Science


Data Structure & Algorithms (Coursera Part I : Princeton University, Coursera Part II : Princeton University)
Analysis of Algorithms (Coursera Stanford University, Coursera Princeton University)
Algorithm Design (Slides: Princeton University)


Statistics : Making Sense of Data (Cousera Toronto University)
Probabilistic Graphical Models (Coursera Stanford University)

Data Mining/Data Science/Machine Learning

Introduction to Data Mining (BooksiteInstructor Solution Manual)
Introduction to Data Science (Coursera Washington University)
Core Concepts of Data Analysis (Coursera)
Machine Learning (Coursera Stanford University, Coursera Washington University)
Web Intelligence and Big Data (Coursera)
Introduction to Recommendar Systems (Coursera)


Hadoop, Hive, R (

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