Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hadoop 2.7.3 on Windows 7

1. Download Hadoop 2.7.3 from Apache
2. Decompress to C:\env, thus HADOOP_HOME=C:\env\hadoop-2.7.3
3. Dowload Windows specific stuff ( and copy to %HADOOP_HOME%\bin
4. Set env variable HADOOP_HOME=C:\env\hadoop-2.7.3 and update PATH=%PATH%;%HADOOP_HOME%\bin
5. Update Hadoop conf (single node cluster setup instructions)
6. Execute %HADOOP_HOME%\sbin\start-dfs.cmd and %HADOOP_HOME%\sbin\start-yarn.cmd

Note: If you followed the instructions as is, NameNode Port is 9000.

So try some HDFS command like

hdfs dfs -put test.txt hdfs://localhost:9000/sample.text
hdfs dfs -ls hdfs://localhost:9000/

That's it!